Land & Buildings….Our Journey…

Since CrossRoads began in 1998, we’ve searched for property that would enable us to establish a permanent, visible, spiritual home for our congregation. Our vision has been to have a place that would not only meet the growing needs of an existing church family, but would facilitate being able to meaningfully serve the Harford County community and beyond.


After searching for several years and not finding what we felt we needed, the Land Search Team began praying, “Lord, will you send someone to us that wants to sell a piece of property?” Not long after that we received a call from Jim Wolf, who was interested in developing a piece of land on Rte. 136 and wanted to partner with us! Initially his request seemed to be too expensive and too much land, but we stepped out in faith because after all, God did answer our prayer and send someone to us! It took many months to assume the role of “developer” and work to make this partnership successful, but in October of 2008 we signed a contract on 68 acres of property!

One particular fact about the “Ayers” Property (the former owners) is that the stone house currently on the land was once used as a church building! It seems as if God is “completing the circle” and bringing us back to use the land to house His family! Here is a picture of the house during that time:


In the past 6 years we have been fervent in “laying the groundwork” for a future building, which has included:

  1. Road construction. We funded the road installation, so we asked and received permission to name it, which we did! It’s called “12Stones Road,” based on Joshua 4, when the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea and built an altar of 12 Stones to signify the victory!).
  2. Site work, parking lot and driveway installation
  3. Reforestation
  4. Septic installation
  5. Master planning and building design.

Currently, we are looking at an initial phase, multi-purpose building to actually have a presence on the property, followed by a more “final” sanctuary and community building:

Final Phase: 14K sq. ft, 420 seat sanctuary and classrooms







We are currently working with a local builder to get some real numbers so we can define the challenge and what it will cost to build.

This past year we were able to install the rest of the driveway, which greatly enhanced our Living Nativity!