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Celebrating LIFE

Posted by bbullis on October 3, 2014

As many of you know, Robin Sigler received a new (transplanted) liver yesterday.  As her daughter wrote on Facebook, "My mom just received the greatest gift today - LIFE!"  Praise God for the doctors, nurses, technology, and the donor, to bring about this miracle.  Are you an organ donor?  If so, then one day you may be a part of the miracle of new life for another person.
As Christ-followers, we all have been given an even greater gift - SPIRITUAL new LIFE!   Jesus has given us a new heart and made us a "new creation" (2 Corinthians 5:17), meaning we have abundant LIFE…for eternity!  Hopefully you've signed up to be a "spiritual" donor as well... to share the love and good news of Jesus Christ so that another person can receive the miracle of ETERNAL life in Jesus Christ. 

To quote from the book that we've been studying, "Just Walk Across the Room,"  "The single greatest gift Christ-followers can give to the people around them is an introduction to the God who created them, who loves them, and who has a purpose for their life."  

Have you done that this week?  Will you invite someone to church so that they can be introduced to the God who created them?  It's going to be a great Sunday…we're celebrating CrossRoads' anniversary month (16 years!), and we'll also be celebrating the Lord's Supper.

Celebrating LIFE,