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"Let Me Level with You"

Posted by bbullis on August 13, 2015

As we continue our Sunday morning study of 1 Peter, "Aligning Our Lives with God's Word," it's obvious how practical the Word of God can be!  Last week the emphasis was on submitting to authority (1 Peter 2:13-17), namely the leaders in our government, at all levels.  This can be quite a challenge given the current trends in our federal government, which seems slanted to being unfair to Christ-followers.  But the Word is clear, and we need to remember that in Peter's day they were living under the brutality of the emperor Nero!

Some people may feel justified to say, "Submitting to an unrighteous authority is just not right."  Well, that really is up to God, who oversees all who are in control.  For the sake of Jesus Christ and our witness to Him, we're to abide by the law.  If a law goes against God's law, then for sure we're to obey God (Acts 5:29), but for the most part our response is to be with submission and prayer, and living godly lives.  

This coming Sunday we'll be looking at Peter's command to submit to our "masters," which to some equates to "bosses" in our current world.