Prompted...Reminders from God that Need our Attention

By Bob Bullis

Peters 2nd Letter deals with problems in the church, namely false teachers. He urges Christ's followers to keep a close watch on their personal lives, pursuing moral excellence, self-control, and knowledge. He makes it clear in the last verses of chapter one that he is intent on reminding them to stick to the truth of the Gospel and making their call and election sure!

DateSpeakerScriptureTitle Listen
2 Peter 3Part 8: Prompted…By the Writings of Peter
2 Peter 2:18-22Part 7: Prompted…By Watching the Promises
2 Peter 2:12-15Part 6: Prompted...By the Wages of the Perishing
2 Peter Chapter 2Part 5: Prompted...By Weighing God's Punishment and Preservation
2 Peter Chapter 2Part 4: Prompted...By Works of Pseudo-Prophets
2 Peter 1: 19-21Part 3: Prompted...By Words of Prophecy
2 Peter 1:11-18Part 2: Prompted...By Witnessing His Power
1 Peter 1: 10-16Part 1: Prompted...By Way of our Passing