Summer-y…a Refresher on What's Important

By Bob Bullis

Peter’s 2nd Letter deals with problems in the church, namely false teachers. He urges Christ’s followers to keep a close watch on their personal lives, pursuing moral excellence, self-control, and knowledge. Peter gives a clear “summary” in Chapter 3 to make sure the early church members remember what they’ve been taught and live accordingly.

DateSpeakerScriptureTitle Listen
2 Peter 3Part 8: Resisting the Twist (of Scripture)
2 Peter 3Part 7: Regarding the Times
2 Peter 3Part 6: Remaining in Touch
2 Peter 3Part 5: Ready and Tracking
2 Peter 3Part 4: Reserved for Termination
2 Peter 3Part 3: Resist the Taunts
2 Peter 3Part 2: Released for Transformation
2 Peter 3Part 1: Remembering What We’ve Been Taught