Cross Examination...Were You There?

By Bob Bullis

As we approach the time when we celebrate Resurrection Sunday, we have to look first at the cross of Christ.  Not only do we see Jesus’ great love for us in the midst of His terrible suffering and sacrifice, we see ourselves in those who played a part.  We refer to ourselves as His followers today…but do we really care?  Would we have been the part of the crowd that did nothing as He was tortured and put to death?

DateSpeakerScriptureTitle Listen
1 Corinthians 15Part 7: Will You Accept Christ’s Victory over the Cross?
Luke 23: 50-56 & John 19: 38-42Part 6: Do You Adore the Christ on the Cross?
John 19: 25-27Part 5: Are you in Anguish about the Cross?
Matthew 5: 1-12Part 4: Are You Aligned With the Cross?
Mark 15: 16-20, 63-65Part 3: Are you Angry about the Cross?
John 12: 27-36Part 2: Are you Apathetic about the Cross?
Matthew 26: 30-35Part 1: Have You Abandoned the Lord?