God's Favor

By Bob Bullis

As we have now moved on from the Christmas Season to face a new year, we must remember that the "spirit" of Christmas lives on! Making resolutions and looking to improve our lives should always be centered on finding direction and strength and FAVOR in Jesus Christ and the power of His Holy Spirit. Will 2018 be a favorable year based on your relationship to Him?

DateSpeakerScriptureTitle Listen
2 Peter 1: 2-4Part 5: “The Favor of God’s Promises”
Psalm 106: 3-5Part 4: The Favor of God's People
Psalm 90: 13-17Part 3: The Favor of God’s Plan
Exodus 33:18 - 34: 9Part 2: The Favor of God's Power"
Exodus 33: 13-17Part 1: The Favor of God’s Presence