Community Groups


To provide a safe harbor for fellowship where people can share life together, grow in faith, and love each other.

What Community Groups Can Do

  1. Provide a place for exploring the meaning and application of the Christian faith with others.
  2. Build personal relationships.
  3. Share great news and your disappointments with people who love you
  4. Create a setting for prayer and worship.
  5. Provide opportunities for outreach and ministry to others.

Ministry Leader

John Galyen
(443) 317-8201

Advantages of Community Groups

  1. You meet in comfortable homes
  2. You get to know others
  3. Your time is not limited by programs
  4. Discussions apply scripture to real life
  5. Couches are softer than classroom chairs!

How to join a Community Group

  1. Check out the list below and decide on a group to visit and contact the leader or….
  2. Contact John Galyen for assistance in finding the right group or if you have questions

It’s easy, step out and become part of a group.  You will be blessed by it!

Group Info

Day Time Location Group Leader
Sunday (Bi-Weekly) 6-8pm Bel Air Eric Webber
Sunday (1st & 3rd) 6-8pm Bel Air Bob Bullis
Monday 7-9pm Bel Air Gary Webb / Jonathan Snow
Wednesday (2nd & 4th) 7-9pm Bel Air George Kyle
Wednesday 7-9pm Bel Air George Holdorf
Wednesday (1st & 3rd) 7-9pm Bel Air Bill Sangtinette
Wednesday (Bi-Weekly) 7-9pm Bel Air John Galyen
Friday (Bi-Weekly) 7-9pm Churchville Jeff Akers
Friday (1st & 3rd) 7-9pm Bel Air Bob Bullis
Friday (Bi-Weekly) 7-9pm Churchville Pat McClungCharley Garrett
Friday (2nd & 4th) 7-9pm Havre de Grace Bill Lawson / Neil Hamilton