Revelation 13: 11-18
Miraculous Arch-Enemy

In Revelation chapter 13, John introduces the beast (often referred to as the Antichrist), who will rule the world during the tribulation.   He is probably the “most confusing entity of the symbols representing kingdoms and individuals of the visions given to both Daniel and John.  Empowered as an evil, Malevolent Authority, he will bring devastation to the earth for forty-two months. John also describes another beast called the false prophet, a Miraculous Arch-Enemy, who also has great authority and with signs and wonders will cause all to worship the first beast.  This false prophet will even have the ability to bring an image of the Antichrist to life.  The false prophet will cause all to receive the mark of the beast on the right hand or forehead, without which no will be able to buy or sell.